More About Me

More About Me.

In this post, I would like to tell you more about myself. Perhaps after reading this post, it will become clearer why I am writing about this. Also, I want to share other thoughts with others and give my personal opinion on different things.

From childhood, I was interested in computers. So as a follow-up education I then followed computer training. After this, I went to work and ended up at a small computer company. I started here as a warehouse employee.

At that time, they were already developing their own software. Computer cash register software intended for Chinese Restaurants. When it was discovered that I was also interested in this and that I could also do some programming, I switched to a programmer.

In addition, I also did installation and maintenance on the computer cash register systems.

After doing this for a few years, I decided to develop myself further and followed other computer courses. After that, I started working for different companies. Mainly as a helpdesk employee and later also as a support employee. I have enjoyed doing this for many years.

It always gave me satisfaction to help people and it gave me a good feeling when I had solved a problem.

Health Issues.

I worked in IT until mid-2012. That’s the time I got unemployed, due to the financial and economical situation that was going on.

In late 2012 I got very sick for 3 months. Due to the different complications. After recovering from this, I was not able to work anymore.

IT Interest.

My interest in ICT has always remained. I’ve always been busy learning new things. Most things I taught myself or followed an online course and so on. It is a lot of personal experiences and development.

ICT is still a big part of my life. A lot has changed in my life, but I have never really given up on ICT.

Every now and then I help others with any problems or questions and I still enjoy doing it.

In the past years, I discovered more and more about No-Code/Low-Code. Things are still new to me and that is also why I started this site. I want to share my thoughts and experiences with No-Code/Low-Code and hope that maybe others also can learn from it. I still have many questions. Some I can find answers for them, but others stay unanswered. And maybe with some help from the readers, I can solve them.

I hope will enjoy reading my thoughts.


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